NJ Car Window Tint Law 2023

New Jersey has important laws regarding its window tint. Hence, if you want to avoid getting busted, follow the rules correctly. As a result, before applying any window tint, follow the NJ Tint Laws. Laws may be different for different states. Breaking laws would lead to punishment, which also varies from place to place.

Hence, to know the laws properly, go to your local police department to learn the rules in detail and also without any loopholes. You must also follow all applicable standards. Window tints are an essential part of the car; hence, following the window tint rules is very important.

What does VLT mean, and Why Add a Window Tint?

What does VLT mean

VLT, or Visible Light Transmission, is a measurement that helps to measure the amount of visible light. Visible light is measured when it passes through any lens, such as the lens of your car window. Maximum Shade Tinting will also help you to control the value of VLT of your car window.

Window tint is a handy accessory for your car. It helps in controlling the amount of light entering your car. The window tint protects you from the harsh UV (Ultra Violet) rays directly coming from the sun. Window tint event protects your car interior from harsh sunlight. So, you should always buy a window tint.

(Legal Window Tint in NJ) How Dark Can The Window Tint Be In New Jersey?

Legal Window Tint in NJ
  • Windshield: The rules of New Jersey state that there can be no Windshield. You must not have any tint on the Windshield. Thus, the darkness of the window tint is 0%.
  • Front Side Windows: The rules of New Jersey don’t allow legally any window tint. Moreover, you may get pulled over due to this. Thus, the darkness of the window tint is 0%.
  • Back Side Windows: New Jersey rules allow any level of darkness in the back side windows. Hence, you can choose any tint in the back window. Thus, the window tint’s darkness can be between 0% and 100% according to your choice.
  • Rear Window: Any level of darkness is allowed on the rear window, just like the back window. You are good to go with any percentage of the tint. Thus, the window tint’s darkness can be between 0% and 100%.

Benefits of Window Tinting:

  • Accident Protector: Window film does not allow the broken glass to fly and prevents it from piercing your skin.
  • Privacy Provider: The best thing about window tints is that they not only will help to you in looking out, but will also prevent others to see in.
  • Great Comfort: Window tint keeps the car’s interior cool and doesn’t allow light to fall onto your eyes.

Car Window Tint Cost:

The cost of window tints varies from car to car. Hence, to tint the window, you must spend $100 and $500. The cost of tinting depends on several factors. Factors such as tinted area, the size of the car, the opacity of the tint, and even the car’s model change the tint’s cost. But, if you have connections with the dealer, you can get the tint done cheaply.

What are the Reflective and Non-Reflective Tint Restrictions?

If you have a passenger vehicle, you cannot install a reflective tint on the front windshield. The reason behind it is that dark tint is prohibited. However, you can install a non-reflective tint for the top portion of the window of about six inches. If you have a multipurpose vehicle, no tints are allowed.

Other New Jersey Window Tint Law Rules And Regulations:

You should follow these:

  • Colour Restrictions: There are no explicitly banned colors of tint.
  • Side Mirrors: If the back window is tinted, dual side mirrors are required.
  • Certificates: The manufacturers of films don’t have to certify the film they sell.
  • Stickers: Identifying legal tinting doesn’t require any sticker. Hence, you are free to use your tinted car without a sticker.

NJ Tint Laws Medical Exemption:

A medical exemption is allowed in case of special tint. If you have medical conditions like ophthalmic or dermatological photosensitivity, you are very much allowed for medical exemptions. To apply, you need to fill up the MVC Sunscreening 1. You will also need a valid prescription of your disease from your physician to apply for the medical exemptions.


Can you tint your Windshield in New Jersey?

You can tint your Windshield or front side in New Jersey. But the tint can only be done with a medical exemption.

Is 5% tints legal in NJ?

No tint is allowed in certain parts of the car. As a result, you can only tint in fixed areas of the car. If you break the rules, you have to pay the penalty.

Will I get pulled over for 20 tints, NJ?

If it is found that the Windshield or the front side windows of your car are tinted, you will get pulled over. It simply doesn’t matter whether it is 20 tints or not.

Are tinted windows illegal in NJ?

It is neither wholly illegal nor completely legal. If you follow the rules and tint your car’s specific regions, you can save yourself from the hectic penalty fees.

What is the max tint in NJ?

There is no mark for the maximum tint in New Jersey. Back-side window or rear window tinting is only allowed in the case of New Jersey.


Hence, if you want to tint your vehicle, you must follow New Jersey’s rules and regulations. Some may feel that the NJ tint laws are too tough to follow. But to be very honest, you can do nothing regarding it. Meanwhile, breaking the law will also cost you a high fine.

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