NJ License Restoration and Reinstatement – {November Update}

If your NJ license has been suspended for several reasons, here’s the quick way to NJ License restoration. There are numerous reasons for the suspension of NJ drivers license restoration. Sometimes it happens because of an on-road violation, whereas sometimes, the license has been suspended due to driving under the influence of drugs.

The license is also suspended when someone refuses to have a breathalyzer test or due to racking up more than 12 points for minor traffic infractions on the license.  So, in this matter, you can follow this method for NJ License restoration.

NJ License Restoration

Restoration of a Suspended NJ License

If your driving license has been suspended for any reason in New Jersey, you’ve to wait until your suspension period ends. You are not even eligible to apply for a temporary license and drive again unless the suspension period is off. However, if you want to reduce your suspension time, you must connect with a lawyer. 

How to Find Out The Reason for License Suspension: 

Foremost, you need to determine the real reason for your license suspension. Then, an individual can contact the MVC (Motor Vehicle Commission) to know why their license has been suspended and how long they have to wait to restore their license.

1. Court Orders

If the court has ordered the driver’s license suspension, you can ask MVC to provide the information about the court from where the suspension order has been issued. The information will help you with license restoration nj. 

2. Driver’s Abstract 

Collect a copy of the driver abstract in which all the records of violations, accidents, previous suspensions, fee payments, points credits, and restoration have been mentioned. 

3. Pay Penalties 

Individuals may have to pay suspension penalties which depend on factors like BAC (Blood Alcohol Content), several offenses on your license, and aggravating factors (may or may not). In that case, you must contact the attorney and be respectful while interacting with the police. 

When the suspension period is over, you’ve to officially restore your driving privilege by paying a restoration fee of $100 to the MVC (Motor Vehicle Commission). Here are different ways to make payments. 

  1. Pay your penalties fee in person at the Motor Vehicle Commission with walk-in services.
  2. You can pay in person at the Regional Service Center. 
  3. Make penalty payments online through the debit card with an additional processing fee.
  4. You can also make payment through check and money order at the given address: New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, P.O. Box 140, Trenton, NJ 08650-0140

License Suspension: Outstanding Surcharges and Fines

The individuals who do not clear their outstanding surcharges and fines, then their license may be suspended again. In addition, sometimes, drivers miss their obligation notice and do not clear their dues. In that case, they are subjected to a surcharge, and their license may remain suspended for a longer time. 

They also get a notice regarding missed payment and why their license has been suspended. But when you receive such a notification, you have a few options: 

  1. Accept the driver’s license suspension 
  2. Remain license-free for your whole life, or fight back to restore your license 

You can hire an attorney to help handle all the legal formalities of license restoration nj. 

License Suspension: Unresolved Court Case

The most unusual situation that attorneys handle is motor vehicle charges and the reopening of unresolved cases that result in the suspension of the license by NJDMV. For instance, if you forgot or failed to appear on the penalty fee submission date physically, your driver’s license will be automatically suspended unless you reappear and make payment of the penalties. 

However, the major problem here is the case will not be reopened unless the suspension warrant has been lifted. In most cases, a suspension warrant can be lifted, and the client will be valued immediately. The attorney will handle the legal issues and help in resolving the cases. 

How Can I Find Out If My Driver’s License Is Suspended in NJ?

If you don’t have your suspension letter, mail or notice in your hand, you can still check your license status by calling MVC at 609-292-6500 or 1-888-486-3339. In addition, you can ask for the driver’s abstract to know whether your license is suspended or not. 

The record will contain all the information about license suspension, reasons for the suspension, and active status. Moreover, the MVC representative also provides information about how long you can reapply for license restoration. 

Alternatively, individuals can also physically visit the MVC in Eatontown to check their driver abstract and collect a copy of the same.

How Do You Get Your License Restored in New Jersey?

In some cases, the NJ drivers license restoration will be restored by paying a fee of $100. This would be a NJ drivers license restoration fee by visiting MVC or through an online gateway. However, in some cases, the individual must take the restoration case to court. 

Retaining an attorney isn’t bad if you want to restore your license. The lawyers will act as your representatives and talk on your behalf to MVC to state your point and say the suspension proposed to the candidate was not accepted, and they will request a hearing. In the hearing session, the attorney will ensure to reduce the suspension period so that you can apply for the restoration soon. 

What is the Court Order regarding License Suspension

The court will generate the order regarding post-conviction relief to reduce the suspension period of the New Jersey license. Once the suspension period is off, individuals can pay the penalty charges and get their license back after completing all the court formalities. 

How Much Does It Cost to Reinstate a Suspended License in NJ?

Individuals have to pay a restoration fee of $100 to the MVC for license restoration. However, the restoration fee may be extended to $1000 if you have surcharges. In addition, if you’ve hired a lawyer, then it may be higher. 

 Common Reasons for License Suspension

Some of the common reasons for license suspension are as follows: 

  1. Failure to appear physically to pay fines in court
  2. Collected 12 points on your driving license 
  3. Driving under the alcohol and drugs influence 
  4. Refusing to submit the breathalyzer test 
  5. Not showing the proof of insurance 
  6. Not paying the state-imposed surcharges 
  7. Having juvenile or criminal justice code violation 
  8. Reckless driving 
  9. Traffic violation 
  10. The court ruling where you find faulty 
  11. Failing to pay the child support

What Are the Penalties for Driving with a Suspended License?

If any individual is caught driving with a suspended license, they have to pay the penalties such as: 

  1. The first offense charge will be $500. 
  2. Individuals for the second offense have to pay a penalty of $750. In addition, the individual may be sent to jail for 1-5 days for not paying the penalty. 
  3. Individuals for the third offense have to pay $100. If you fail to make the payment, a person will be sent to jail for 10 days. 
  4. The person driving with a revoked or suspended license and in the accident may have to face jail for 45-180 days. 
  5. If the individual’s license has been suspended due to an insurance violation, they may be subjected to 90 days of jail. 

Frequently Asked Question:

How do I reinstate my suspended license in NJ?

The individual can make the reinstatement fee of $100 to the MVC once the suspension period is over. Furthermore, you have to meet certain conditions to drive again. 

How can I check my license status in NJ?

 You can check the license status by calling 609-292-6500 or 1-888-486-3339. Alternatively, you can visit the DMV website to check your license status. 

Can I go to the NJ DMV without an appointment?

No, you must apply for the appointment from the DMV website and then visit the NJDMV to pay your penalties or check your license status. 

Can you drive after paying restoration fee in NJ?

You must posses new driver’s license and written notice from the MVC, it’s the proof that your driving privileges have been restored.

Bottom Line: 

So, now you’ve got the complete information about the NJ license restoration. It will be easier for you to apply for restoration and drive back. However, be sure not to break any lawsuits and traffic rules to protect yourself from license suspension. Always stay updated and follow traffic rules to avoid penalties. 

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