General & Important FAQ About Portal

How do I dispute a ticket on Njmcdirect?

If you get any penalty for violating traffic rules in New Jersey on which you want to have the dispute, then mail in the official address When you are raising the dispute, then mention the reason for your hardship and missing the court session. Additionally, you have to mention the reason for disputing the traffic laws violation. 

What is Njmcdirect? is an official website and traffic ticket online portal launched by the municipal court of NJ. On this website, you can make the traffic rules violation penalties payment and know about ticket details and parking violation tickets. The website is secured and encrypted so that you can make payments hassle-free. 

What tickets can be paid through

A. The website is to pay the traffic ticket payments. This is an online method to pay the penalties fees. However, before you proceed to pay through this portal, you need to meet the following requirements: 
The ticket issued by the traffic officer doesn’t indicate your appearance is compulsory in court. If this is mentioned on your ticket, you cannot make a payment online. 
Ensure that there are no warrants issued on you or the ticket.
Check the due date to make the payment

What do I need to do to search for a complaint?

A. If you want to search for the complaint, ensure you have the following details and search online on
Court ID
Year of traffic ticket 
Prefix code 
Complain number 
Business name/last name and defendant Zip Code

How do I pay a fine in New Jersey?

You can pay a fine in New Jersey offline in cash and check and online through credit/debit card. The online method is quite secure and saves you time. You don’t need to visit the municipal court to pay the fine. You have to visit, check your ticket, and make the payment. 

How can I find out if I have a ticket in NJ?

A. If you want to know whether you have a ticket in New Jersey or not, visit the official portal and follow these steps: 
Get your driver’s license and enter the license number and other information on the portal. 
Verification will be done of your identity.
Now, from here, you can check the information about the ticket 
You can check what you want to do if you find any ticket in your name. Ideally, you can pay the fine through this portal if a ticket is issued. 

How long does it take for a traffic ticket to show up online in NJ?

If you have a violation of traffic rule, then within 14 days, the ticket will be issued in the registered vehicle owner’s name. The ticket will be shown on the online portal within 14 days. 

Can I pay my ticket and not go to court in NJ?

Yes, you can pay for the ticket without visiting the court in NJ. To make the payment visit the official portal to find out the ticket on this website. Make payment by using a credit card or debit card. Moreover, you can also use the portal to get the details of the ticket. However, you are not eligible to make the payment through this portal if a traffic officer raises a warrant on you. 

Will there be an additional charge for using

Yes, you need to pay an extra 2%-3% of the proceeding fees when using But it saves you from the hassles of going to the court and standing in the queues for longer. 

What do I need to search for my traffic ticket and Time Payment Order?

You need to have the court Id, ticket number, prefix code, and license plate number to search the traffic ticket on the online portal. With these details, you can easily find out the time of payment order. 

Can traffic ticket payments be made any time using

A. The online website is not active 24 x 7 nights to pay for the tickets. The website remain active for a certain period such as: 
Monday to Thursday: 4:30 am-11.15pm 
Friday: 4:30 am-10:15pm 
Saturday: 4:30am-3:35pm 
Sunday: 1:00pm to 11:15 pm

What if I don’t have a credit card?

You can use any other alternative method by tracking back to the payment method. However, if the payment method doesn’t suit you, then contact the municipal court on registered numbers to know other payment methods. 

Will I get a receipt for a payment made through

Yes, you get the receipt after paying for the traffic ticket. Once you make the payment, you get the receipt downloading option for future preference.