NJ Traffic Violation Codes and Fines

If you have violated traffic rules in New Jersey, you will get a New Jersey traffic ticket with a penalty. Every time you break rules and get a ticket, Motor Vehicle Commission will add penalty points to your driving record. Each point has its reason and you have to pay for these NJ traffic violation tickets. The more points mean more severe the consequences.

If you are confused and don’t know about NJ Traffic Violation Codes and fines then this article is for you.

NJ Traffic Violation Codes

When you get a ticket from NJ Motor Vehicle Commission, it comes with a special code and fine amount.

A traffic violation in New Jersey can be a serious offense. The motor vehicle commission can issue points to your driving record for committing a traffic violation. Each point carries a different value, so different violations will carry a different number of points.

Moving against traffic2 
Improper passing4 
Unlawful use of median strip2 
Driving or parking an unregistered motor vehicle 54
Failure to notify of a change in name 55
Failure to endorse your license 55
Driving with an expired license 54
Violating a restricted or conditional license 55
Failure to possess a drivers’ license or registration (for non-resident motorists) 180

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NJ Traffic Fines

The fine amount you will be assessed depends on the type of traffic violation and the category you have. In general, you should expect a fine of anywhere from $24 to $54 for a minor infraction.

If you have a long history of tickets, it will be more costly to fight a traffic ticket and face additional penalties. Moreover, you will have to pay surcharges, which are assessed by violators on an annual basis.

Different motor vehicle violations carry different points, and the more points you have, the more expensive your automobile insurance will be.

While the best way to avoid a traffic ticket is to avoid it, there is no way to avoid them. Even if you can avoid traffic violations, it can still affect your insurance premium.

The best way to fight a traffic violation is to pay it immediately. If you are facing jail time, this will likely be the worst option for you. In some cases, you can choose to pay the fine in full or you can take the case to court.

How to Pay for New Jersey traffic ticket payment online

One of the simplest ways to make a New Jersey traffic ticket payment online is through NJMCDirect. This site lets you pay for municipal tickets without visiting the court. The website has convenient hours and accepts payment by most major credit cards, debit cards, and cash.

You can also use cash to pay for your tickets in person, but be sure to check the fine print. The site also accepts Visa and MasterCard. To make NJ traffic ticket payments online, go to the official website of the Municipal Court.