NJ Traffic Rules: Everything You Need to Know

Moving to New Jersey isn’t really an easy task. Although knowing the NJ traffic rules should be the first thing on your mind when you plan to get your license. Issues like a car wreck or a speeding ticket can be really troublesome experiences. This article will tell you all about New Jersey driving rules which you must follow.

Details on NJ Traffic Rules:

  • Don’t pause at the booth for the E-Z Pass. When you move over it at reasonable speeds, the transponder must run, whereas braking will lead to delays and crashes.
  • Keep in the slow lane when you’re moving slowly. The left-hand lane could only be used for walking, just not for driving. It would irritate other drivers to keep a higher pace throughout the left-hand lane.
  • Check for school children buses on either publicly or privately street or parking structure at least 20 – 25 feet from whether a bus uses the blinking red signals or while it has halted.
  • A ½ following dusk and a ½ before dawn, you should see on your headlight. Whether range is 500 feet less than, or even when it’s pouring rain enough just to require wiper blades, use them as well.
  • Transferring on the right is indeed permissible only if you are traveling in the very same position on a street with far more than one path, if the cars on the highway are heading in 2 or even more straight lines, or if the driver in front is performing a lane change.
NJ Traffic Rules
  • You should honk before actually approaching a bike rider or skater, according to the rule.
  • Frowning at a police officer is unconstitutional.
  • Consider thinking about drinking and driving. And apart from the clear excuses not to drink-drive, you will never be eligible to qualify for a customized driver’s license if you are accused of driving drunk in New Jersey.
  • In every case where failure to do so would lead to loss of life, you are expected to exercise the right way. And if the other side is at fault, this remains true.
  • All riders must make a fair attempt to clear all of the car’s ice and snow. The rooftop is included in it!


This rules training will help you improve your expertise in New Jersey driving rules and strategies and begin a tension-free year. We hope this post suits your purpose well.