How To Pay New Jersey Surcharge Online using

New Jersey surcharge is a payment that a person has to pay if they have done any traffic violations in a year. This charge gets accumulated over a year, and at the end of the year, a person must pay this surcharge to avoid legal issues. With advanced technology and internet availability, one can pay the NJ surcharge online.

Now one may not worry about paying NJ surcharge while standing in those long queues, just pay it online and save your time.

Let us see the steps of paying the NJ surcharge online very quickly.

How Can I Pay NJ Surcharge Online?

Paying NJ surcharge online is quite simple and easy. It takes very little time to pay your surcharge online. Visit and provide the necessary information and pay it on site.

One can do a payment with credit or debit cards, and the bank will deduct 2-3% of processing fees while paying the NJ surcharge. If you are not able to access the NJ charge website, then there is another way through which you can submit it; let us see that process very quickly.

Step 1: Visit —

Step 2: One can see their surcharge records and pay them online. (*NOTE* It requires a Surcharge number, judgment number or driver’s license number, etc.)

visit njsvs

Step 3: Choose the appropriate option from the given list on the screen.

Step 4: Enter your correct date of birth as mentioned in the official documents.

Step 5: Check your surcharge records and click on ‘Submit.’

Step 6: Choose the selected payment option and do the payment.

How The Government Calculates NJ Surcharge?

There are certain rules and regulations made by the government and if a person violates those rules, he or she becomes eligible to pay NJ surcharge. The surcharge is calculated on the number of times you have violated a traffic rule, and one must pay it at the end of the year. Let us see the list of activities that cause the NJ surcharge in brief.

  • Drink and drive
  • Over speeding while driving
  • Invalid driving license
  • Driving without a license
  • Driving in restricted areas

The fine amount differs from activity to activity, and one has to pay a fine for at least three years. Let us see the amount of fine one quickly must pay for the above-listed activities.

nj surcharge
  • Drink & drive: Drink and drive are considered to be a bad crime. And one must pay $1,000 every year for at least three years. If the traffic police catch you drunk while driving three times in a row, then the fine amount will increase to $1,500 for a year.
  • Points violations: If more than 6 points get accumulated in three years, then you must pay a surcharge in New Jersey. Traffic police give you several points whenever you break traffic rules. More points symbolize more surcharge to be paid. For six-point sone have to pay $100 and if the points are more than 6, then add $25 to it.
  • Invalid driving license: One must pay around $250 if their driver’s license is under suspension or invalid. Pay $250 each year for three consecutive years.
  • Driving w/o license: If you are driving without a license then pay a surcharge of at least $100 per year for three years in a row.
  • Uninsured car: If your car insurance is not liable, then you must have to pay $250 per year for three years.

*NOTE* If you are driving without a license and uninsured car then you may get fined up to $3000 and more.

Tip: Pay your surcharge on time or before time to avoid chaos. One must pay every type of fine on time to avoid access charges. If you don’t pay your NJ surcharge, your driver’s license may get suspended. One can also appeal for removing their name from the NJ surcharge list. By raising an appeal on NJ court. Let us see how one can appeal in NJ court for MV suspension very quickly.

How One Can Appeal For Motor Vehicle Suspension In NJ Court?


One can take the help of a lawyer if they want to appeal for a motor vehicle suspension in NJ court, but one can apply by themselves simultaneously. Let us see the steps of it very quickly.

  • Check your driving license suspension letter and see the duration and reason for suspension in it. If the reason is minimal then it may take 14 days to apply for an MV suspension in NJ court but if the reason is worst, then it may take a lot of time.
  • Appeal at NJ court and let the judge decide the date of your hearing. Write everything in your letter along with an apology etc.
  • On the day of the hearing, visit the court and answer the questions asked by the judge.

If the agent found you guilty, he or she can increase the duration of suspension or vice versa if you give valid answers. If you are not satisfied with his or her judgment, you can appeal to the Supreme Court.

If this process is lengthy and complicated for you, one can try another method at the same time. Let us see that process very quickly.

  • Mail $100 restoration fees, bottom-half of the suspension notice, and your license to NJ MVC.


Avoid NJ surcharges by following traffic rules. And if you have violated traffic rules, then pay the NJ surcharge on time to avoid extra charges. Maintain your car and always drive with a valid driver’s license and valid car insurance papers. Take all the measures before leaving your home and driving to work to avoid NJ surcharges in America.