The System Of Surcharge Violation In New Jersey

Let’s throw some light on the system of surcharge violations in New Jersey to help you all the budding and experienced drivers. In New Jersey, the Motor Vehicle Commission charges some money (also known as surcharges) to drivers for serious reasons. These NJsurcharge are paid by the one who drives even after having extra points in their driving data. The other case where the driver is required to pay the fine is when he has done some illegal and violated actions such as drugs or alcohol usage during driving. If you want to pay a traffic ticket in NJ then check njmcdirect.

The NJsurcharge violation of New Jersey is strictly applied to the drivers who are doing any violations. These charges are additional to any judicially-imposed charges. Here in this article, you will get to know about this system in detail, and you will have some clarity on this topic.

System Of NJsurcharge Violation In New Jersey

One should pay off the money in one go. And in case there is a lack of funds, he/she can start paying in instalments. There is a plan known as an instalment payment plan (IPP) which should be opted for by you if you don’t have enough money. To get this benefit, you have to follow the plan accurately. The first thing that needs to be done is to pay the instalment amount mentioned at the forefront of the billing notice. This payment has to be made on the target date. The surcharges which are still needed to be paid will be charged every month. The final judgment can only be made when full money is paid off.

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Judgment Procedure:

To come to a perfect conclusion, the settlement of money should be done in certified checks/certified funds such as money order, traveller’s check, or attorney trust a/c check). In this way, there would be satisfaction and clearance in the final judgment.

If the payment is not made in certified funds, it would be termed non-certified funds (e.g., credit cards and personal checks). The non-certified payments will retard the filing of the warrant. This would slow down the process for two long months.

The Difference In Address Motor Vehicle Commission:

One has to always give the present mailing address to the Motor Vehicle Commission. This is because the additional payment notices are mailed to the latest address written in the data with the motor vehicle commission. In case you are now not in the same town, you have to inform the MVC about this within a week. The current address should always be maintained with the motor vehicle commission.


Also, no matter what but you are always accountable for your payment assessed to you in NJ (even when you are out of New Jersey). It would be best if you directly got connected with the motor vehicle commission.

Mail: Through the website:

What About The Bounced Cheque?

In case you have not paid the required funds, you are likely to get a notice which will ask you to pay some extra fees as a fine. To elude indefinite suspension driving privileges, the notice will guide you on making additional payments. As bouncing of the cheque can get you in trouble, you must not try to do something unfair and always be careful about every detail mentioned on your cheque. Even electronic cheques can get out of the system as you cannot control them. Hence it is required to keep your eyes on whatever is happening in the process and be disciplined.

What If You Have Any Queries On Billing?

If you have any queries related to the payment process, you can send them to the address shown below:

Also, the no. of your driving license is required. You must add a phone number used in the day along with this. The Billing office cannot lessen your amount assessed. It cannot change any judgments related to the court.

How to Make The Payment of The Fine Imposed?

With the help of Email:

  • The steps below should be followed:
  • Mail the lowest piece of the notice.
  • Now, put in writing driving license no. of New Jersey.

Check Official Mail Here:

Through website:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Do payment with: e-check, VISA, or Master Card.

In one’s own person:

Step 3: Make payment with Cash, money order, master card, VISA, or check.

By calling:

  • Call (888)651-9999
  • Do payment with: e-check, VISA, or MasterCard.

Charges made on the system of point violation 

For 3 years, if someone gets points which are either 6 or more than that, he/she has to make a payment of $150 for the initial 6 points, and for the additional points, there has to be a surcharge payment of $25.

nj moto vechile commission

NOTE: While going through the 3-year record for surcharge payments, completion of a driver improvement course or point reductions provided for 1 year of violation are not accounted for.

Further Steps Are Taken Into Consideration For NJsurcharge:

The surcharges that are billed every year for 3 years are listed below:

  • A surcharge of $100 per year is charged to drivers who do not have a license.
  • A surcharge of $250 per year is charged to those who don’t give liability insurance on automobiles.
  • A surcharge of $ 250 per year is charged on those reportedly suspended.

Frequently Asked Questions about NJsurcharge:

Q1. Am I responsible for paying the surcharges even when I am not in NJ?

Ans: Yes, even when you are not in the state, you will have to make the payment. The license you own presently and your insurance status won’t make your chances to pay your surcharges any lesser. The drivers who have violated NJ’s rules will have to pay for that even if they have a license from another state.

Q2. What is the time limit to pay the fine?

Ans: The time limit is already written in the bill that you get. The payment should be made in one go. And if you are unable to pay all the money together, you can pay in installments.

Q3. What are the violent actions that can make me pay surcharges?

Ans: Suppose you are driving while you are drunk and have taken drugs; you have to pay a fine. The Police can charge you if they see any intoxication sign in you. In case your license is not with you can get into trouble. If you are suspended but still driving, you may have to pay surcharges.


This system of charging fines in New Jersey is considered to be very crucial to maintain discipline in drivers and to let them pay for their violations. This system can reduce the no. of people who make rules and regulations for granted.